Programs of Study

Programs of Study Transfer Emphasis
Designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university
Career Programs
Offers students the option of one or two-year programs designed to provide knowledge and skills, which will prepare them for employment
Programs Not Eligible for Federal
Financial Aid

Indicated by X+ under other programs that are ineligible
Online Program
May require clinicals, field experience, practicum, internships, etc. for some programs
Campus locations where program may be completed
BC = Barton County
FL = Ft. Leavenworth
FR = Ft. Riley
GV = Grandview Plaza
Outreach sites may be available
16-29 hrs
30-44 hrs
45-59 hrs
Accounting AS           ONLINE BC
Bus Management & Leadership   CERT1     AAS   ONLINE BC, FR
Business AS           ONLINE BC
Business Admin Technology         AAS   ONLINE BC
Economics AS           ONLINE BC
Finance AS           ONLINE BC
Management AS           ONLINE BC
Marketing AS           ONLINE BC
Tech Accounting Specialist         AAS   ONLINE BC
English AA           ONLINE BC
Computer/Information Technology
Networking Specialist     CERT2   AAS   ONLINE  
Early Childhood
Child Development   CERT1         ONLINE BC
Early Childhood         AAS   ONLINE BC
Early Childhood Education AS           ONLINE BC
Early Childhood Education AS           ONLINE BC
Math Education AS           ONLINE BC
Secondary Education AA, AS           ONLINE BC
General Studies
General Studies AGS           ONLINE BC, FL, FR
Health Professions
Dietary Management AS           ONLINE  
Dietary Manager   CERT1         ONLINE  
Dietetics AS           ONLINE  
Medical Admin Technology         AAS   ONLINE  
Medical Coding     CERT2       ONLINE  
Medical Lab Technician         AAS   ONLINE BC
Nutrition and Health AS           ONLINE BC
Pharmacy AS           ONLINE BC
Pharmacy Technician   CERT1         ONLINE  
Physical Therapy AS           ONLINE BC
Humanities and Social Sciences
Anthropology Cultural Studies AA           ONLINE BC
History AA           ONLINE BC
Political Science AA           ONLINE BC
Psychology AS           ONLINE BC
Sociology AA           ONLINE BC
Liberal Studies
Liberal Studies AA, AS           ONLINE BC, FL, FR
Chiropractic AS           ONLINE BC
Dentistry AS           ONLINE BC
Health Information Mgmt AS           ONLINE BC
Law AA           ONLINE BC
Medicine AS           ONLINE BC
Pharmacy AS           ONLINE BC
Physical Therapy AS           ONLINE BC
Physicians Asst AS           ONLINE BC
Radiology Tech AS           ONLINE BC
Social Work AA           ONLINE BC
Veterinary Medicine AS           ONLINE BC
Public Safety, Corrections and Security
Corrections   CERT1     AAS   ONLINE  
Emerg Mgmt/Homeland Security     CERT2   AAS   ONLINE GV
Hazardous Materials Management     CERT2   AAS   ONLINE GV
Occupational Safety&Health   CERT1     AAS SAPP++ ONLINE GV
Science and Math
Biology AS           ONLINE BC
Chemistry AS           ONLINE BC
Mathematics AS           ONLINE BC
Physical Sciences AS           ONLINE BC

For the full list of Barton Community College Programs please visit the Programs of Study page.