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Tuition Refund Policy

Students who drop during the first seven calendar days of an eCourse will receive a 100% refund

of enrollment fees.

Students who drop after the first seven calendar days of a course will not receive a refund.


Last Day to receive a “W”

To receive a "W" on a student’s transcript, the student must withdraw from the eCourse by the date posted for the session. To view the last day to withdraw with a “W” and other session dates please visit the BARTonline Academic Calendar page.  After the last day to drop with a “W” has passed eCourses cannot be dropped.


Dropping an eCourse

Students are required to drop eCourses themselves through their GENIUS account homepage. BARTonline encourages students to consult their instructor or advisor before making this decision.


Simple Steps to drop an eCourse

Use the GENIUS LOGIN page to access your GENIUS account.

Students will be directed to their GENIUS dashboard, this can be identified in the upper left of the screen.

Select the 'Drop a Course' link from the left side menu.

Select the 'Request new drop' link to proceed through the drop process for one eCourse

Students will need to go through this process for each eCourse drop.



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