Payment Policy and Options

At Barton, a quality education is both affordable and accessible to all who seek it. The lack of financial resources should not keep you from attending college. If you need assistance with paying tuition, there are a number of options available. A thorough understanding of payment options along with proper planning will ensure that you can take advantage of a successful educational journey. Check out the Cost per Credit Hour webpage for cost details and requirements.

As you calculate the cost of your college education, be sure to consider that every dollar you spend is an investment in your future. A better career can lead to a higher earning potential and an increased standard of living. With Financial AidScholarships and flexible Payment Plan options, we can help you make it happen so enroll now. 

Paying for Classes

​Payment is requested to be made by the start date of your course.  Students will have until the last day of the semester to pay off their current semester balance.

Students who have a past due balance will not have access to unofficial or official transcripts and will not be permitted to take a course in an upcoming semester, until their past due balance is paid off in full.

If a student withdraws from a course after the first seven calendar days of the online course, the student is responsible for the total fees incurred. For more information on drop dates and refund policy please visit the Tuition Refund Policy page.

Please note, if you are using financial aid (FA) and your aid is not yet awarded you must have another form of payment in place or you will need to drop your course(s) by the refund date listed. If you drop the courses after the refund date you would be responsible for the charges. 

Payment Options offers the following payment options when completing your BARTonline enrollment. You will be presented with these payment options during the enrollment process through BARTonline. Visit the Pay the College webpage or see below for a full list of accepted payment methods and options. Please contact the Business Office at with any questions or concerns.

If a student withdraws from a course after the first seven calendar days of the online course, the student is responsible for the total fees incurred. For more information on drop dates/refund policies, please visit the Payment and Refund Policies webpage.​ 

Cash/Credit Card

Discover, MasterCard, American Express and VISA can be processed by phone or online.
Visit the Cost per Credit Hour webpage for cost details. 

Pay online via your Student Financial Center, accessible through the MyBarton Portal.
If you would like the option to make monthly payments, sign up for the Payment Plan under the Student Financial Center accessible via the MyBarton Portal

In Person or By Phone
Call (620) 786-7463 and ask for the Business Office, or call (800) 748-7594 ext. 463.
Office hours are weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST). 

Payment Plan

A payment plan is offered by Barton. The plan allows you to make monthly payments by credit card or from your checking or savings account. The plan requires a $30 per semester non-refundable enrollment fee and completion of the online application. Information requires the student's Barton ID number, name and address of the person responsible for making payments, and the bank information or credit card information. To access the payment plan, please log into your MyBarton Portal and then Student Financial Center.

If you have additional questions about the payment plan or are unable to enroll in the payment plan, please contact the Business Office at (620) 792-9319 for additional information or assistance.

Financial Aid

If you have been awarded Financial Aid through Barton, your Financial Aid will be used to pay for these courses. Be sure to verify that your Financial Aid packet is complete with the College Financial Aid Office and that you have been awarded sufficient funds to cover the cost of the class. 

Student must have “awarded” status for their financial aid. If your status is not “awarded” by the deadline, the student will need to sign up for the Payment Plan under the Student Financial Center accessible via the MyBarton Portal in lieu of their financial aid being awarded.

If you have any questions please email

Military and Family Assistance

Visit the Military Options webpage on the Fort Riley website for more information on Financial Aid options available to Veterans and active Military.

Third Party Payments

Third party billing is recognized as a form of payment to bill your employer, military, educational trust or government agency. We must receive a third party authorization form or an appropriate form from your employer or agency before classes start.


(620) 786-1160
Attn: Business Office

Mailing Address:

Barton Community College
Attn: Business Office
245 NE 30 Road
Great Bend, KS 67530

If you have any questions, please email us at

Money Order and Personal Checks

Money orders and personal checks are accepted by mail.

Barton Community College
Attn: Business Office
245 NE 30 Road
Great Bend, KS 67530

Consortium Agreement

If you are receiving aid from another college and will be using a consortium agreement, please submit the paperwork to Barton’s Financial Aid office.

Things to know:

  • A consortium agreement is not considered payment for your BARTonline courses. It is the student’s responsibility to pay Barton directly for their BARTonline courses, no later than the last day of the semester. 
  • The consortium agreement will be returned to your home school after all of your Barton courses have started. If you are in late starting classes, the consortium agreement will be sent after the last class has started.
  • Only one consortium agreement will be returned during a single semester (Barton has three semesters-fall, spring, summer. Sessions and parts of term fall within one of the three semesters). Please make sure and enroll in all of your courses at the same time so that  all are included. 

View Barton's full policies on Consortium Agreements.

If you have questions regarding your consortium agreement, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (866) 257-2574 or

Excel in CTE (SB#155)

High school students will need permission from their high school principal and appropriate paperwork to qualify.

To learn more, check out the Summer Session flier and Fall Session flier