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Barton Community College Scholarships

Apply for Barton Community College academic scholarships by the following 2015 - 2016 scholarship deadlines:

May 1, 2015 for May Graduates

December 1, 2015 for December Graduates


Barton automatically awards students based on academic achievements, as well as, a student's involvement within activity and performance groups.  For an activity scholarship, please contact respective activity contact person.


Links to applications for Admission/Scholarships:  Electronic   Printable


Students may be eligible to receive both academic and foundation scholarships.  For more information and to apply please visit the foundation scholarships page.


Another thing we encourage students to do is get involved.  From events/activities/organizations within the high school and/or in your community, involvement can assist you with financial needs.  From scholarships given by community/civic groups to college scholarships, your involvement and care for others can be a factor on scholarships.


Barton also encourages your participation at the collegiate level. We offer many scholarships based on your participation in activities, clubs, and student organizations. For more information on these scholarships please visit the Barton Scholarship Programs page.


Kansas Military Service Scholarship

Please view the Kansas Military Service Scholarship information and online form using the Scholarships & Grants page.


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