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Enrollment Criteria

You must be a graduate of an accredited high school or have completed a high school diploma equivalent (General Education Development, GED).


High school juniors and seniors may also apply for special admissions.  Please see Admissions Policy for further details.


International and transfer students are encouraged to enroll.


If you have enrolled in any Mathematics (MATH) or English (ENGL) courses you must meet the requirements of the Academic Assessment, Placement, and Re-testing Procedure. Prerequisite requirements are listed in the eCourse catalog.


For students enrolled in an online ENGL 1204-English Composition I eCourse, students must score at least a 40% on the English placement exam to be eligible for ENGL 1204-English Composition I.


For students enrolled in an online Mathematics (MATH) eCourse, students must score at least a 60% on the MATH placement exam in which you take. (i.e. If you take the Math placement exam for MATH 1821, you must score at least 60% to be eligible for MATH 1821.) **Students will automatically be enrolled in the online placement exam when enrolling in a Mathematics (MATH) or ENGL 1204 BARTonline eCourse. The placement exams will be found under your "My Courses" tab under either ENGL100 or MATH100 in your BARTonline account.


If you need assistance concerning placement/assessment please contact 866-254-1421 option 4 or 620-792-9344 or email us at


In order to demonstrate proof of meeting the prerequisite requirement utilizing an unofficial transcript from a previous college, please email a prerequisite advisor at


If you decide to complete a degree or certificate through Barton Community College, you must send us all official transcripts from high schools colleges attended.  You may, of course, enroll now and send your transcripts at a later date. NOTE:  Students not submitting all official transcripts from all previously attended institutions prior to completion of entering term will be changed to a “Special Student” for the next term. In order to receive your degree or certificate, you must have earned a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0.




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