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Canvas is a learning management system for online, hybrid, and in-person courses where students can interact with their instructors, get course content, collaborate with other students, take online quizzes and get their grades. Canvas is built with students in mind and has potential for multiple web 2.0 technology integration. Some items worth mentioning are:

Students can get class announcements, messages and grades sent to their cell phone, Facebook and Twitter.

Date setting can transfer from course to course.

Drag and drop capabilities

For more information, check out more reasons to switch to Canvas.


General Guides and Resources:

Review the Quickstart Guides in the Canvas Help Center.

View the eCollege to Canvas Workflow.

View the Canvas Instructor Guide or Canvas Designer Guide.

Browse examples of Canvas courses from other Canvas schools.

Subscribe to the Canvas Release Notes to get notified of Canvas changes before they happen. The Canvas application is updated every three weeks; this means that certain features may unexpectedly look or work differently than they had previously. While these changes continually improve the Canvas experience, the new features may impact your usual ways of working.

Visit the Canvas Status Updates for real-time status.

Instructor Training:

Canvas Interface

Grading and Assessments Part 1

Grading and Assessments Part 2

Structuring your Canvas Course

Moving exams from eCollege to Canvas - View recorded webinars, participate in hands-on demo courses and check out new resources.


Training Sessions:

Canvas Training:

Welcome to Canvas

Using the Commons & A faster course design workflow


SoftChalk Training:

What is SoftCalk Cloud

Using the Cloud

Creating Content

If you would like to view SoftChalk training in a playlist, please click here.


Canvas Tutorials:

How To's:

How to Place a SoftChalk Cloud Lesson in Canvas

How to Record/Upload Audio and Video in Canvas

How to Upload PowerPoints and PDF Files in Canvas

How to Copy a Full Course or Course Item

How to Access the Canvas Speedgrader

How to Access the Canvas Speedgrader to Provide Feedback

How to View detailed Exam Statistics



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