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Barton Community College offers three types of courses: eCourse, Hybrid and eCompanion.


There are different bookstores for each of these course types to ensure students order and receive the correct textbooks/materials. Be sure to identify your course type prior to purchasing textbooks/materials as the required items are not always identical or interchangeable between course types.  Students are responsible for obtaining the correct textbooks for enrolled classes.


For information on paying for textbooks/materials please visit the Paying for College Textbooks page.



eCourse Bookstore Information

Students registered for a eCourse may purchase books from the 100% Online eCourse link(s) located at the BARTonline Bookstore hosted by Akademos.


Please note that eCourses in science and math often use a Lab Package that is only available through the BARTonline Bookstore.  If in doubt please reference the required item(s) on the BARTonline Bookstore, your welcome message(s) or contact your instructor to verify if the required item(s) need to be ordered from the BARTonline Bookstore.


Hybrid and eCompanion Bookstore Information

Fort Riley Campus

Students registered for a Hybrid or traditional day/night College class using eCompanion at the Fort Riley Campus; including the Junction City office; may purchase books from the Fort Riley-Barton College Program link located at the BARTonline Bookstore hosted by Akademos.


Great Bend Campus

Students registered for Hybrid, eCompanion or traditional classes that will meet at the primary Barton Campus in Great Bend or at outreach sites in the Great Bend area, may purchase books from the Barton Great Bend Campus Bookstore.



Sell Your NEW & USED Books on the BARTonline Bookstore

Students are able to sell their NEW or USED books using the Marketplace through the To learn about selling your books on the Marketplace please review the Sell your books informational page.



Book Lists Availability Dates

The semester book lists will be available to view and purchase the required/optional materials from our BARTonline Bookstore on the following dates:


Spring 2015 eCourse Session 1, 2, & 3: Currently available

May eCourse Intersession: Monday, March 16, 2015

Summer 2015 eCourse Session: Monday, March 30, 2015

*These dates may vary if circumstances require



Please contact with any questions or concerns regarding the BARTonline Bookstore.



Barton Community College cannot be held responsible for any text books or materials that students may purchase from any non-BARTonline Bookstore vendors.





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