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EMHS 1907

Hazardous Materials Awareness/Operations

3 Credit Hours

Instructor: Lindsay Holmes


This course provides students with the skills needed to manage or respond to a hazardous materials incident at the awareness or operations level.  Topics include Hazardous Materials Laws, Regulations and Standards, Recognitions and Identification, Information Resources, Protection, Protective Actions, Product Control and Air Monitoring, Terrorism Awareness, HAZMAT and Law Enforcement issues. The course follows National Fire Prevention Agency (NFPA) 472 guidelines.


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LITR 1215

World Literature

3 Credit Hours

Instructor: Dr. Charles Davis


This course is a study of literature from several countries and regions, by divers authors, and of a variety of literary types.  The literature will be used as a vehicle to examine universal themes basic to the human condition, to investigate the breadth of human diversity, and to increase awareness of human values, attitudes, and behavior throughout the world.


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HIST 1416

American Military History

3 Credit Hours

Instructor: Wynn Butler


This course is designed to present a balanced history of the Army from its beginnings through the post Vietnam era, with appropriate attention to peacetime as well as wartime achievements.


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3 Credit Hours

Instructor: Tim Fulk |


This course covers the basics of criminal psychology, with instruction on the definition and variability of criminal conduct, various theories, general personality and social psychology approach, developmental aspects, prediction of behavior and classification of offenders, prevention and rehabilitation, punishment and alternatives, exceptional offenders, and applications.


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3 Credit Hours

Instructor: Kim Dondanville |


              Q&A with Kim Dondanville


 Q: Will this class help me win arguments with my spouse/friends/others?


 A: "Probably not ALL of the time (especially if it's a tense situation), but yes, in the class we will discuss techniques and strategies to better influence others.  Although, persuasion truly isn't about "winning", it is a necessity in life and can benefit anyone of any background for this very reason.  We deal with people all the time, especially loved ones.  Being able to craft a message that can convey your message to be effective, is priceless".


 Q: What is the most common mistake people make when attempting to persuade others?


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3 Credit Hours

Instructor: Claudia Mather |


This course introduces basic court system procedures and the jurisdiction of the courts. It also focuses on the constitutional and other legal requirements that affect law enforcement practices and procedures. Specific topics include confessions and interrogations, identification procedures, arrest, search and seizure, and admissibility of evidence.





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 CORR 1004 | Case Management in Corrections

 3 Credit Hours| Instructor: Sunshine Richards |

                                        Q&A with Sunshine Richards
Q – What is the most important aspect that students will take away from this course?

    A – "That case managers working with corrections populations must be able to balance

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  BSTC 1027| Information Super Highway

  3 Credit Hours Instructor: Charles Perkins |

                                                      Q&A with Charles Perkins

  Q – What do you enjoy most about instructing this course?

  A – "I enjoy helping people begin the learning journey and teach them ways to use the Internet and also be  safe." 


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HIST 1425 | Women & The American Experience

3 Credit Hours | Instructor: Alissa Duncan |

This course is an introduction to the history of women in America. The primary focus is that of the experience of American women in the areas of family life, economic life, and public life. Special attention will be given to the diversity of class, race, and region. Topics are covered which give women’s history its distinctive character.


Q&A with Alissa Duncan

Q – In your opinion, what is the most important information that students should take with them from your Women and the American Experience course?

A – "“I would say the impact that women have actually had on the society we live in today – both positively and negatively.  I have to laugh at the jokes I hear about the course..." [Read More]

EMHS 1100 | Introduction to Terrorism

3 Credit Hours | Instructor: Roger Vanderlinde |

This course serves as a basic introduction to terrorism. Historical background, definitions, tactics, ideologies, and terrorism's impact on twenty-first century civilizations around the world will be explored. Both current and historical events are analyzed within course context to provide experiential learning and development of critical thinking skills.


Q&A with Roger Vanderlinde

Q – Are there any struggles with teaching Introduction to Terrorism online & how do you address them?

A – "The main struggle is to get the students actively engaged with one another in studying the course material. Terrorism by its nature can be a polarizing subject and there are many different opinions on what exactly a terrorist act is....." [Read More]

CHEM 1814 | Organic Chemistry I

5 Credit Hours | Instructor: Karey Marshall |

This course is the first half of a two-semester course in organic chemistry and provides students with the knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of carbon compounds with emphasis on the mechanisms of organic reactions, the nomenclature of the compounds, and methods of organic synthesis. This course is designed for those students who need a good understanding of organic chemistry. Laboratory is included. Three hours lecture and six hours of laboratory sessions per week.


Q&A with Karey Marshall

Q – What is the best advice you have for students to prepare for this course?

A – "Come into the course ready to work the problems. This is a course that is very hands on and very

visual. I have prepared videos of most of the in chapter problems being worked so those are always at the student’s fingertips...." [Read More]

PRGM 1030 | Java Programming

3 Credit Hours | Instructor: Cristi Gale |

This course is designed as an introduction to the programming language Java. Topics to be covered in this course include: Java language conventions and rules, data types and operations, control structures methods, object-oriented programming, arrays and strings, class hierarchies, user interfaces, and files.


Q&A with Cristi Gale

Q – When and how did you become interested in computer science and networking?

A – "I first became interested in computers during a programming class in high school.  I loved the challenge of

learning to solve problems with a computer...." [Read More]

ARTS 1246 | Digital Photography I

3 Credit Hours | Instructor: Todd Mobray |

This course covers the visual and technical aspects of digital photography. Students will learn about exposure, depth of field, resolution, white balance settings, file compression, formats, composition, and design. They will also learn about digital image acquisition, manipulation, storage, and display, and the ethics of digital image process.


Q&A with Todd Mobray

Q – Is Digital Photography easy to instruct online?

A – "To me, Digital Photography is a great candidate for an online course because it is so rich with out-of-the

classroom activities, demonstrations, visuals, and discussion...." [Read More]


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